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May 11, 2023

Chile Has Entered Its Thermidorian Period

The far right’s victory in elections for the Constitutional Council may be the death knell for a progressive constitution in Chile. It’s also a needed wake-up call for the Chilean left.

Haiti faces a choice: Social revolution or foreign occupation

With long experience of chaos, violence, and dysfunctional governance, Haiti looks now to be on the verge of a new crisis in the form of foreign military intervention. U.S. and United Nations decision-makers have held back, but now they look to be moving, again.

Lula is Challenging Western Dominance

Lula da Silva used his state visit to Britain to champion the interests of the Global South, urge diplomacy over militarism and condemn the persecution of Julian Assange – a sign of Brazil’s new role on the world stage.

Ten reasons we can’t blame the carbon tax for inflation

From the onset of the post-COVID surge in inflation, Canada’s new breed of right-wing populists has worked hard to pin the blame for higher prices on the federal government. They rightly sense anger about the impact of inflation on their living standards. But they hope to divert that anger into outrage at Justin Trudeau personally, and his government more generally.