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May 18, 2022

Crypto’s Hype and Promises Were Based on Lies From the Very Beginning

Paris Marx | As usual with the tech industry, cryptocurrencies weren’t just sold as a risky investment — they were framed as a social good. Now that the crash has ruined lives, those who promised societal transformation through crypto should be held accountable.

Thousands march in Toronto on Nakba Day - Spring

On May 15, Palestinians mark Nakba Day ("the catastrophe" in Arabic), to remember the mass expulsion of Palestinians that accompanied the creation of the state of Israel.

Crypto unTethered – Michael Roberts Blog

Speculation is inherent in capitalism, but it increases, as other financial activities, in times of economic malaise and crises, i.e. when profitability falls in the productive sectors and capital migrates to unproductive and financial sectors where the rate of profit is higher. This is the reason for the emergence and rise of the crypto market. What the fall of this market now shows is what happens when investors start to expect a fall in profits from an impending slowdown and even recession in the ’real’ economy.

In a pandemic downturn, worker co-ops are on the rise

Worker-owned businesses model solutions to inequality and climate crisis—now they’re demanding greater government backing

How Worker Power Drives Technological Progress

Under capitalism, technological progress will always benefit the rich first and society later – if we want technology to address the major problems of our time, we need it to be shaped by workers.

The State Organizes the Capitalist Class. The Working Class Will Have to Organize Itself.

To sustain capitalism, otherwise competitive businesses have to do something unnatural: cooperate with each other. The state plays a crucial role in fostering this class discipline. We, on the other hand, have to build our own power.