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April 16, 2021

Support the Tropes — FAIR

Corporate media invoke the language of humanitarianism to convince the left to accept, if not support, US actions abroad.

Breaking down basic income

The debate over basic income is not going away anytime soon, it has growing popular support in part because it is such an elastic idea. But its supporters’ utopian view of political and economic realities show that it is unlikely to be implemented on a large scale anytime soon.

IMF and debt: a new consensus? – Michael Roberts Blog

There is much talk among ‘progressive’ economists that the IMFThere is much talk among ‘progressive’ economists that the IMF and the World Bank have turned over a new leaf. Gone are the days of supporting fiscal austerity, demanding that national governments get public debt levels down and insisting on conditions for countries borrowing IMF-WB funds that their governments privatise their state assets, deregulate markets and reduce labour rights.

From Neoliberalism to the New Finance Capital - The Bullet

There is also no fraction of the capitalist class that seems willing to support the kinds of class compromises that social democratic parties have pursued throughout the postwar era. The question today is therefore not reform versus revolution, but rather how to patiently build institutions that can sustain and amplify challenges to the power of the new finance capital.

Canada Has Failed To Guarantee Abortion Access For All

It’s long past time to put a positive right to abortion into writing, and the guarantee to access into practice.

The Fight to Organize Amazon Is Just Getting Started

The cameras and news trucks may be leaving town. But at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, where the company won a closely watched unionization vote last week, the fight isn’t over. And at Amazon’s other warehouses, it’s just getting started.

The socialism of Norbert Wiener | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Wiener is highly respected in the technology community. For such a figure to have also written from a radical perspective on many of the world’s political challenges makes his work a unique point of intersection between the community of technology professionals and the progressive community.