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July 11, 2024

War on Gaza: Death toll from Israeli assault could exceed 186,000, Lancet warns

Letter published by experts in the medical journal estimated that some 10,000 people could still be buried in the rubble in Gaza

Thanks to a Massive Mobilization of the Left in France, the Far Right Cannot Control the Government

Eric Toussaint | CounterPunch | The rhetoric of the far Right and policies that support it are likely to continue to spread. As a result, the antifascist struggle and protest actions against the rise of the Far Right will become increasingly important.

Britain’s Securonomics – Michael Roberts Blog

There’s been Abenomics in Japan; Modinomics in India and Bidenomics in the US. Now we have Securonomics in Britain. This is slick terminology for the basics of the UK’s new Labour government’s economic policy – as expounded by its new finance minister (quaintly called the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Britain), Rachel Reeves a former Bank of England economist.

The Xinjiang I saw was a hub of diversity, not oppression

From China, ROGER McKENZIE witnesses a place where Islamic culture thrives and economic development powers China’s westward expansion—a reality obscured by Western propaganda.

Canada’s whitewashing of Africa’s most ruthless regime

Canadian Dimension | Using an African country as a political and economic tool is as old as colonialism itself. If this is what Canada’s new politics are on the African continent, it is indeed retrograde. Canada should not be engaging with, or buttressing a nation that has inflicted so much harm on innocent people. We should not be aiding and abetting crimes abroad.

Jane McAlevey Knew We Could Win

Jacobin | Among Jane McAlevey’s many audacious projects in the labor movement, her organizer training program, Organizing for Power, is one of her most innovative. Reaching tens of thousands of workers worldwide, her ideas and commitment will live on through it.

Righteous student activism and evolving anti-Palestinian reprisal in Canada

The fight for Palestinian freedom—as well as for Canadian democracy—will be long and arduous. And it will require our collective resistance to evolving tactics of censorship. The TMU law students, and all the students setting up encampments around the world (including in Israel), have had an immense impact.

Israeli weapons packed with shrapnel causing devastating injuries to children in Gaza, doctors say

The Guardian | Surgeons who worked in European and al-Aqsa hospitals describe extensive wounds caused by ‘fragmentation’ shrapnel experts say are designed to maximize casualties