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January 31, 2023

China: zig zagging – Michael Roberts Blog

It is now crystal clear that the US, enabled by a bipartisan consensus in Washington, is determined to stop China upgrading technologically. China is now treated as “an enemy” of the US. Without the involvement, backing and control of workers organisations, the Chinese CP government is leaving itself open to imperialist encirclement. So the zig zags of CPC policy are wasteful, inefficient and dangerous to China’s future.

Justin Trudeau Loves Outsourcing Government Work to Neoliberal Cutthroats

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has outsourced billions of dollars’ worth of contracts, including $100 million to McKinsey. Instead of shoveling money into the private sector, the Liberals could make the novel choice of investing in state capacity.

The ‘rent good’ and imperialism

Prabhat Patnaik | A “rent good” is one whose supply cannot be augmented at will, simply through investing more on its production; its supply is subject to constraints imposed by nature, because of which there is a certain maximum rate of long-run growth which is exogenously given and cannot be altered at will.

French workers walk out as Macron government raises retirement age and cuts pensions

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has insisted that government plans to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 are “no longer negotiable,” even as unions prepare for a mass walkout this week.

Peru coup government opens the door for entry of U.S. troops

Critics of U.S. interference in Latin America and the Caribbean may soon realize, if such is not the case now, that Peru has a compelling claim for their attention. The massive popular resistance emerging now amid the political crisis looks to be sustainable into the future.

Trudeau government’s support for Peruvian coup regime all about Canadian mining companies

Ottawa has plowed significant resources and diplomatic energy into advancing Canadian mining interests in the Andean nation. The federal government has supported many individual mining projects and worked to provide the industry with a profitable investment climate. Since the early 2000s Ottawa has channeled tens of millions of dollars into Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines and mining related initiatives.