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September 25, 2022

Colombian President Gustavo Petro: End the War on Drugs

At his United Nations General Assembly address this week, newly elected leftist Colombian president Gustavo Petro denounced the war on drugs and destruction of the planet waged by the United States. We reprint his remarks here in full.

After UFCW-Uber revelation, gig workers ramp up fight for decent work ⋆ The Breach

Silicon valley’s lobbying and triangulation entrenched new categories that disempower gig workers, but some see an opportunity to organize

Fascist-Sympathizing Newspaper Barons Were the Blueprint for Today’s Right-Wing Media

In the 1930s, six right-wing oligarchs used the US’s and UK’s largest newspapers to spout sensationalist xenophobia, and at times even boost fascist propaganda. Today, Fox News and other right-wing mass media outlets are using the very same blueprint.

Russia and NATO Tried to Wage War on the Cheap in Ukraine, But Could Now be Heading for Total War

Patrick Cockburn | CounterPunch | President Vladimir Putin has been trying to wage war on the cheap in Ukraine for seven months, with disastrous results for Russia. He is now ordering a partial military mobilisation that will take time to implement and may at best only create a stalemate between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

Italy: lurching to the right – Michael Roberts Blog

None of Italian capital’s failures will be dealt with by the new right-wing government. They will do no better than previous centre-left, centre-right or ‘technocratic’ Italian governments. Indeed, they are likely to make things even worse, alongside adopting reactionary and anti-labour policies to sustain their coalition.

Poilievre Doesn’t Understand The Central Bank’s Real Problems

Pierre Poilievre’s ability to channel popular anger during a period of high inflation and economic instability should worry us.