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October 8, 2021

Continuous Crisis in Lebanon – Spectre Journal

Over a year after the explosion in Beirut, Joseph Daher explains why Lebanon's neoliberal sectarian parties are likely to maintain their hegemony.

A World without hunger: The Fortieth Newsletter (2021)

There is nothing more obscene than the existence of hunger, the terrible indignity of working hard but being without the means for sustenance.

Chinese 'Disinformation' and US Propaganda - FAIR

Western media’s latest anti-China crusade features unsubstantiated allegations of a Chinese disinformation campaign.

What has the Trade “War” between the United States and China achieved? | MR Online

It is also possible that many of these recent U.S. imports from China are in the form of high-tech products that the U.S. now openly sees as a competitive threat. The dangers from China that were earlier described in terms of a different, more protectionist, economic model are now being downplayed by a U.S. administration that is once again discovering the joys of trade protection linked to industrial policy. So the focus has shifted to using concerns about national security to prevent China from being able to access crucial inputs that are necessary for high-tech production.

CIA Op or Not, the Pandora Papers Are a Big Deal

There’s good reason to speculate that the Pandora Papers, the massive leak exposing the tax-dodging practices of the global superrich — which includes plenty of Russians and Chinese, but almost no Americans — is a CIA plant. Nevertheless, it’s a newsworthy story that deserves the attention it’s gotten.