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November 13, 2019

National Nurses United to Endorse Bernie Sanders | National Nurses United
National Nurses United, the nation’s largest union of registered nurses, announces today that it will endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Nurses cite how Sanders’ leading platform closely aligns with nurses’ values on a whole host of issues, including rebuilding America’s labor movement to restore workers’ rights and his trailblazing leadership to win Medicare for All. 
Momentum Activists Are Trying to Make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister
The grassroots group Momentum was an instrumental campaigning force for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party during the 2017 election. Now the group is bigger and stronger, and preparing for victory next month.
Asia Times | China’s links with Morales figure in Bolivia coup
"Chinese companies including TBEA Group and China Machinery Engineering made deals with [Bolivia]. It was being said that China’s Tianqi Lithium Group, which operates in Argentina, was also going to make a deal with [Bolivia]. Chinese investors and the Bolivian lithium company were experimenting with new ways to mine the lithium and share the profits. The idea that there might be a new social compact for the lithium was unacceptable to the main transnational mining companies. Tesla (United States) and Pure Energy Minerals (Canada) both showed great interest in having a direct stake in Bolivian lithium. But they could not make a deal that would take into consideration the parameters set by the Morales government. Morales himself was a direct impediment to the takeover of the lithium fields by the non-Chinese transnationals. He had to go. After the coup, Tesla’s stock rose astronomically."
HM1 – Marx’s double-edge law
This year’s Historical Materialism (HM) conference in London was apparently attended by over 850 people with some 400-plus papers presented over three days.  HM brings together radical and Marxist …
I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam Run by Fake Hosts on Airbnb - VICE
How easy is it to exploit Airbnb? While searching for my grifter, I found out.